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Hey what's up guys I'm Kim PhD here okay so iPhone gates z gate suffix is sometimes used paired with a noun to refer to a scandal of some kind of course best known by Watergate which was a political scandal and so the iPhone gates every year are used to dramatically refer to pretty much literally any problem the iPhone has at all like if anyone finds anything with the iPhone that may be unintentional or any sort of problem in any way or may affect the user in a way that wasn't supposed to you got yourself a gate you have to name it so there is chip gate there's Ben gate and tena Gate Beauty gate charge gate you to gate we get a pretty constant flow of gates I would say every year when the new iPhone comes out then again that's because we have a crew of people for sure looking for them every September as soon as the iPhone gets announced and released we're on it and for good reason it gets a lot of people talking about it so the reason these are such a big deal is because of the massive massive scale of the iPhone

Now we know smartphones do have problems sometimes quality control is a thing so that's a big part of the reason why we have warranty programs and insurance programs and Apple care that's a big reason why these things exist sometimes things do go wrong and you have to be able to hold that company who did that thing wrong accountable for it so in the fiscal year of 2017 from beginning to end apple sold two hundred and sixteen million iPhones that is so many phones so with that kind of success and that kind of scale comes the fact that if you have a small mistake in 0.01% of those iPhones I shift whether it's manufacturing or quality control or some slip and tolerances that will affect 21600 iPhones in fact if they forget a part in literally I did a math on this 0.001 percent of iPhones just some issue and that many that's still more than two thousand problems that have less to deal with so pretty much any problem we find with the new iPhone no matter how small basically has to be treated as a large potentially really important issue because of how many people it might affect so the two main gates we've gotten this year have been in 2018 Beauty gate and charge gate you may have heard of either one of these beauty gate effects potentially everyone who ever takes a selfie and cares about that selfie at all on the new iPhones and charge gate we don't really know how many people it affects so beauty gate refers to this extra skin smoothing effect that seems to be happening with the image processing from the iPhone 10's front-facing camera similar to what you might find in a beauty mode in another phone many people are noticing this it's not even an issue or a glitch necessarily like it's happening with everyone's iPhones it's more just like very unlike Apple Apple usually has the more realistic front-facing cameras they avoid distortion they avoid color shifting they've long been the standard for selfie takers around the world they can depend on that iPhone to show you exactly what you look like without any crazy beauty filters but yet this year as we've seen with the iPhone 10s it does we do have a little bit that skin smoothing effect it just doesn't seem like very Apple like they wouldn't put a worse camera in the new iPhone would they Apple wouldn't do that right then the other one charge gate is actually more serious and I think it's best explained by Lou's video who went much more in depth with it and testing it and going through all the explanations but basically

There's a bunch of versions of this the most common one is that one some iPhone 10s is or 10s maxes are in standby and you plug them in they don't start to charge until you wake them up then they start charging it's a strange behavior and this might not even be a big deal to you if you usually like wake up the phone while you're charging it anyway but there again is that chance like if you're affected you might just toss the phone on the charger for a night and come back in an hour before you need to go out and you wake it up and it didn't charge it all and you're about to die and you have to leave that's the type of situation you're looking at that's kind of a problem so naturally when we see that we kind of wonder well am i affected what are the chances it's pretty easy to test if you're affected but how many iPhones are affected by this and turns out if you look at Lou's video makes it look like a bunch of them potentially now something to note for people wondering why I didn't cover these in depth or why didn't do a dedicated video on each one of these or something like that it's not because I'm sponsored by Apple for something you know that's illegal right it's just really that it wasn't a huge deal to me charge gate hasn't affected any of my devices trust me I've checked and the beauty face smoothing or whatever for whatever reason isn't as harsh on darker faces it's more of just like rated HDR effect it's different it's very unlike Apple but it wasn't really that insane to me this is something that I think can easily be fixed with a software update plus I'm not a huge selfie taker anyway so I guess it just kind of slipped by my radar but the real reason these gates always turn into such a big deal is pretty much always how Apple responds to them how Apple handles these gates they're pretty much known for not really handling it like they will steer away as far away from acknowledging it as a problem as possible and just sort of make a statement about how maybe we're using it wrong I'm sorry what you were you were holding the phone in a way that covers the antenna bands and makes a signal look like it drops well that's fine that's just just don't hold the phone like that you're holding it wrong that's what it was so what's that the big phone is literally bending in people's pockets oh no no that's just that's your pants really shouldn't be that tight actually it's more of a feature letting you know that than a bug wait have you heavy red have you actually looked at the official Apple statement about the iPhone 4 and tenha gate it's kind of incredible I'm gonna link it below just because it's worth another read in 2018 it basically went along lines of dear iPhone users iPhone 4 is totally the best smartphone ever first of all it also has the best antennas ever we got some reports that if you hold it a certain way it drops the displayed bars of service but hey look any smart phone will do this so we're gonna push a software update that stops the iPhone from erroneously displaying less bars than other phones in conclusion nothing to see here iPhone 4s again is the best phone ever thank you very much like I'm kind of expecting an Apple statement about this new iPhone 10s charging problem charge gate sometime soon just because it seems like a legitimate issue but it'll probably be along the same lines like it'll probably go something like do your iPhone users

IPhone 10s and 10's Macs are clearly the best smart phones ever and they're our best selling small and big iPhone yet just FYI we became aware of a certain charging behavior that affects a small number of iPhone users this behavior it's different but it's definitely more still of a feature than a bug but we'll be pushing a software update to just change that behavior in the future in case you guys want it that way again iPhone 10s is clearly the best phone yet by the way it also has the best battery life we've ever shipped thank you from Apple please keep buying these phones and look at the end of the day people still keep buying iPhones for sure Apple has some of the absolute best customer loyalty of any company in the world among anything which is impressive and we just kind of hold Apple to a high standard at this point but that's not super uncommon if you look back and remember when Samsung had Galaxy Note sevens literally exploding in people's pockets they're actually endangering the lives of their owners in various places started getting banned at establishments for safety reasons you couldn't fly with them they were illegal to sell or buy anywhere for any reason I mean this is crazy for a smartphone Samsung offered a trade-in program where they reported ninety-five percent of those trade ins went on and got another Samsung phone so you can bet iPhone users after a little beauty gate a little bit of charge gate there they're gonna chance it again with another iPhone they're still probably gonna be bad but as always there will be entire channels and reports dedicated to sifting through the new iPhone and many other phones as soon as they're released looking for any possibility of any new issues and as they should because not only does it make the juiciest most clickable headlines but also kind of forces Apple or whatever company is involved to respond and to fix it and for that the products get better and we all win so thanks gates talk to you guys the next one peace

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