iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Impression

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Hey what's up guys I'm from Bhd here and welcome to your first look and hands-on of the freshly revealed iPhones for 2018 and 2019 it's now all finally revealed or more like confirmed of what the leaks told us we were gonna get but it's really nice to actually have the things in person or officially official so we got the iPhone 10s the 10s Max and the iPhone 10 R so this video is just gonna be all about the iPhone 10s and 10's max and we're gonna do a separate video diving into the 10r cuz I think it's actually worth another look until then is everything you need to know about those two phones so okay iPhone 10s has the same 5.8 inch display slightly tweaked but same sizes before and the 10s max has a gigantic 6.5 inch display it is a huge phone but yet it's in the footprint that's roughly the same size as something like the Galaxy Note 9 thanks to the bezels being so thin so two very different sized phones here and then the new colors were confirmed as well so same exact silver as the iPhone 10 last year same exact Space Gray as last year but then the new color for the S is this gold

So it looks pretty classy I guess I personally probably wouldn't get it but there is only one way to tell on the outside that you have the new iPhone and that's by getting the gold one so you do you and it's gonna be shiny and fingerprint T either way so basically the 10 s is just the same size as the current iPhone 10 but it's really it's a classic Apple s update like we've seen in the iPhone before it's a spec bump some internal changes but nothing drastic and no new design so the biggest spec difference that you're getting here is its rocking the new a12 Bionic chip it's the first seven nanometer chip versus the 10 nanometer process from last year it has nearly 7 billion transistors all of this basically translates to it'll be a bit faster you know they dropped a couple quotes like it'll be maybe 30% faster but you'll notice it in things like launching apps and opening and closing the keyboard and transition animations and things like that but basically that's definitely something we're going to have to test and see for the full review basically what I can be sure of is it will be even faster same amount of RAM as far as we can tell and I think the other big internal upgrade for this phone is the camera so that 10s and 10's max both have the same new cameras so a pair of 12 megapixel optically stabilized cameras the primary one being f 1.8 and you get a telephoto as well and they're combining these new cameras and lenses with new image signal processing on the a12 Bionic chip to take some seriously impressive photos now obviously the photos and stuff they show on stage are always gonna be awesome but the newness is in this image processing we all know image processing means a lot when it comes to smartphone photography and getting good images off these smartphone cameras like that's a major reason why the pixel 2 has been so good so they introduced big improvements there there's improved HDR called smart HDR there's better low-light sensitivity less noise and a really impressive portrait mode now in portrait mode

You can go in and edit portrait photos to literally change the f-stop of the simulated bokeh and its really good looking you can see the little lights in the background of the photos changing their blur level and it's not just getting more or less blurry like straight up there actually seems to be like a directional blur based on how far it is from the middle of the center of the subject I was really impressed with it and I can't wait to play with that more and there's a bunch of other smaller stuff so there's technically a new front-facing camera still 7 megapixels but selfies will also benefit from this new portrait mode and I'm curious since its software based if it will work with a software update to this year's iPhone 10 - because even worked with the iPhone 10 R which only has one lens anyway I'm really into that and then it's also now ip68 water-resistant believe it or not last year's phone was ip67 so we're looking at better waterproofing you can literally wash your phone off with water if you want to the speakers are now louder and better in an impressive way from what I've heard they do a much better job with stereo audio separation and things like moving back and forth across the screen and there's now dual sim support and then face ID is supposed to get slightly faster thanks to the a12 Bionic but probably not drastically and there's also now a slightly longer battery life literally 30 minutes longer on the 10s and 90 minutes longer on the 10s max I got to find out the capacities don't really know those yet but they're not drastically bigger but hey that is better I'll take that and then last but not least the new prices it's going to start again at $9.99 for the 10s and 1099 for the 10s max so uh that got a lot of us thinking like is that enough of a change it's just a big enough upgrade for some people honestly

It's not a most buy for the most people especially if you have an iPhone 10 I think the the biggest difference you're gonna get is if you go with the bigger phone the 10s max but that thing's gonna be expensive the 512 gig is gonna be 1449 like that's the world we live in now but if you already have an iPhone 10 this isn't some huge must-have upgrade it's the classic again the classic s upgrade Apple does with the iPhone and I got no problem with that between a smaller and larger I'm definitely more into the larger phone that's just me but still no design changes same camera bulge on the back same stainless steel and glass materials all around the notch didn't get smaller or anything the bezels didn't shrink although the notch might feel a little bit smaller on the bigger phone no 120 Hertz display no Apple pencil support it's just just too refined upgrade and a new color I'll have to see if it's worthy or not pretty soon as we work towards the for review but my gut feeling honestly is I'm thinking that iPhone 10 R might be the real hit this year for Apple it's a bit different like I said I have a whole video on that in the works right now that's right two videos in one day so definitely stay tuned for that but I'll link to it when it's live until then this has been the iPhone 10s and 10's max thank you for watching and I'll talk to guys the next one peace

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