The Truth About the Pocophone F1

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Hey what is up guys I'm QB HD here and there's been a lot of hype about a certain phone over the past couple weeks maybe you've heard of it it's called the Polka phone f1 and it's everywhere this all started in India and it's been moving to other regions slowly to Europe and then to North America so you might be wondering why is this thing getting so much hype honestly it's simple the phone has a few key things it is a snapdragon 845 chip it has six gigs of ram and it's packed in a four thousand milliamp hour battery and it all costs three hundred bucks that is why people are interested in this new poco phone f1 and that is of course by design like they know that if they can hit those few things and package it all well and hit that price point that they could possibly have a success on their hands so everything is built around that and if you look back not too long ago that is exactly what oneplus did when they were getting started they basically crammed as many high-end high-profile specs as possible into as low over price as they could achieve and they got a lot of attention for their flagship killer of course this phone is bumped up in price a little bit so it's around 500 bucks so with the arrival of the polka phone people are starting to look at this $300 phone as the flagship killer killer and then sprinkle a couple of sponsored videos in there a good enough marketing campaign and you got yourself a potential winner here but is it is this polka phone a winner should you buy this phone ok

So honestly at the base level this phone takes a strategy of copying a lot of the best things from other phones and does it well now a lot of people including me have given higher-end flagship phones some flack for the copying that goes on at that level but at this price copy whatever you want bring as many high-end expensive seeming features down from that high-end into this price point as you want because now that's an advantage so I'm fine with that so that's exactly what they did and they cut a couple corners where they can so looking at this screen of the polka phone it's a perfect example of this it's a six point two inch LCD display 22:46 by 1080 and for a 300 hour phone it's pretty impressive of course it resembles the display of a much higher end phone like the thousand-dollar iPhone 10 or I'm going to compare it to the $500 one plus 6 because be real that's what everyone's comparing it to you right now and well I think they could have just gone with an even top and bottom bezel here and been fine they went with a notch because at some point people just associate the notch now with a premium look there's still a chin though and when you look more closely the bezels all the way around are they're thicker and they don't coat over those sensors up in the top notch to hide them the way the iPhone does so well and just generally the curved corners here are a bit much for me like that is a lot of curve that feels like you're starting to lose real screen space and it's even more obvious up top with the notifications and the time and things like that so again it resembles some high-end like we said but it literally cuts some corners the thing is a lot of that stuff just kind of fades away into the background when you're actually using the phone so it's a good corner to cut when you're just looking at the screen anyway and that theme continues throughout this whole phone a lot of things resemble the high end they look really high-end boy when you look closely you can kind of see where they start to fall off a little bit but a lot of those trade-offs at this price point or fine the build quality for example its 8.8 millimeters thick but it doesn't feel like one of the thicker phones since it's tapered the buttons are well placed and they're clicky and the back is polycarbonate which is basically another word for hardened plastic and it's like a slight matte finish a sort of a satin just enough to not actually get that many fingerprints and it comes with a clear case in the box if you're into that but basically this is one of those phones that actually don't think you need a case or a skin for and also I mentioned the sponsored videos earlier because as much as people love that headline that this is a $300 phone they're also looking at a version of a sort of a Kevlar slash graphite looking material that version of this phone is not $300 but it is pretty nice you got chamfered edges all the way around the fingerprint reader is in the correct place the speaker grille for the stereo speakers and USB CR at the bottom and up top there's this old-school port you might not recognize

It's called a headphone jack for plugging in those old-school headphones with what's called a wire if you're into that very cool and on the side there is a micro SD card slot basically not a whole lot of hardware trade-offs to be honest now obviously most flagships coming out in the last year have had that glass back not even really because of looks but it does feel more premium and more dense but polycarbonate this is perfect for the price there's no wireless charging in this phone and also no need to go with expensive fragile glass when a signal passes perfectly through plastic anyway and it's way more durable and then the specs of course that's what got us here in the first place and this is actually where that little by Xiaomi at the back of the phone comes into play technically poke a phone can be looked at as a new brand but it's part of Shanley and that's how they can afford to get these parts that they put in other Xiaomi phones the infrastructure is already there to even subsidize it a little bit Snapdragon 845 six gigs of ram it's liquid cooled it's about as liquid cooled as any other 2018 smartphone though I wouldn't say this is a huge standout feature and performance is all good this is running the latest version of Xiaomi skin my UI 10 that's just how I say it and I've actually found it not bad if I'm honest I really didn't like that many other previous versions of my UI but this one is making a lot more choices that I like the theme is clean they give you an app drawer by default and there's plenty of little useful features that I found thoughtful and well placed instead of just cramming things in you know like this is the first time I can say I could probably see myself using a Xiaomi phone every day and that's saying a lot and there's also some quite unique things I like the subtle little blur when you bring a notification shade down the placement of the brightness slider one swipe away instead of two is nice the battery info being one click away every time you plug it in it's good I like it I'm excited I still do prefer personally stock Android that's where I'm at but I think this version of the software I'm excited to see in other Xiaomi phones as well it even has space unlock this might be the second most impressive part of this budget phone and there's also the four thousand milliamp hour battery it has proved to be great easily a full-day phone not a 2-day phone but again it's great no wireless charging like I said but it also does have fast charging and then a camera the camera is usually where we see a pretty big drop-off on budget phones I would say this is still the case here but on the surface its dual cameras primary one being a 12 megapixel with an F 1.9 aperture it appears high-end but the cynic in me is like no I'm not gonna fall for that I'm fully ready for this $300 Xiaomi phone to have a trash camera but it's not you can't compare it to like the seven $800 flagships of the world but it's more in line with like the Moto G six it's okay now

I do have to say I did find it annoying that it automatically watermarks your photos until you go into the settings and turn that off why would they think anyone would want that I don't really know anyway the main characteristic with the photos from this phone is they're all soft that's that's the most common thing but if you give it a lot of light you can get decent results the colorscience is pretty good the color shifting is not bad at all there's not a ton of dynamic range but it gets the job done it's not a problem camera at all it obviously fits in great as a camera on a $300 phone so overall you can see a theme here with the poco phone f1 and it's something you have to do well to make a good budget phone you ride the line between copying the best and most expensive and most noticeable parts of other phones while cutting corners to save money in other less noticeable places and this phone has struck a really good balance of that if you go back to the beginning they nailed the surface stuff everyone loves $300 snapdragon 845 six gigs of ram 4,000 milliamp hour battery that's what they built this phone around and they're mimicking a lot of the looks of the premium phones as well the knotch the big display the overall build the tapered shape the dual cameras and of course being red and black doesn't hurt at all for me it even throws in fast charging surprisingly impressive stereo speakers a notification LED a headphone jack but the trade-offs are equally important decisions they make as well so no NFC in this phone that might be something you care about if you were gonna use Android pay there's no IP rating so technically not splash proof it's the below average camera quality but not a huge deal it's an IPS display instead of OLED a thicker bezel all the way around and a real chin and a toss-up of whether you'll like Xiaomi skin or not plus the weird quirk of lacking the DRM to playback HD video and certain apps like Netflix or Amazon that can't be fixed with a software update although it does still work full HD for YouTube which I care about so whether you buy this phone or not will depend on whether you can stand those trade-offs that they made or not like obviously I would like this phone more if it had you know stock Android or oxygen OS or something like that or if it had a much better camera but this is a $300 Xiaomi phone were talking about so I think the combination of the specs the build and the software here make this I think my favorite Xiaomi phone to date and honestly probably a lock for budget phone of the year with all the hype that came with this phone before I even got it in my hands I was fully ready to get it and not be impressed at all with it but I liked it way more than I thought I would respect worthy of the hype worth of buy thanks for watching talk to guys the next one base

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