Why I Don't Use the Pixel!

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That was my that was my attempt to use it click baby title but actually not really though because it's kind of true hey what is up guys Thank You Bhd here and I think if you asked a lot of people what phone they think I use like what phone you think mkbhd uses they probably would have said pixel 2 and I wouldn't blame you that's typically what it is I've said before in videos I carry two phones my iPhone of choice and my Android phone of choice that would be iPhone 10s my favorite iPhone and usually pixel two and like I've used a lot of Android phones this year and nine times out of ten when I'm done testing them when I take my sim card back out and get to choose what to put it back in as my daily driver it's usually back in a pixel I've said that in videos now sometimes for various reasons there are other phones that are really tempting to stick with and that's fine I have no allegiance so as soon as I like a phone better that's the one I'm gonna stick with I'm fortunate enough to be in that position

So like the hundred twenty Hertz display on the razor phone was incredible it felt like it was spoiling me and it was really hard to leave that but eventually I did and I went back to the pixel to daily because of that camera I did say that in the review video and Galaxy S nine Galaxy S nine screen is so damn good it's obviously Samsung's made the best displays in the business for a little while now and just the Galaxy S nine plus as an overall package the better hardware the glass and metal I think Lou from unbox therapy he recently made a video about why he's using that phone as his daily driver and it was tempting but at the end of the day I went back to the pixel to for my software preferences and at superior camera in fact it pretty much always came down to the camera obviously a lot of other phones are better than pixel in plenty of other ways but the pixel twos camera is from my usage so much better so vastly better than others that it was hard to give up as someone who shoots a lot of videos and takes a lot of photos you've seen my Twitter and my Instagram the pixel 2 was a must-have in my pocket plus things like the colored power button the stock Android the Google assistant front-facing speakers all the stuff didn't hurt but lately it's changed over the last few months I've ping pongs back and forth between my pixel 2 XL and one plus six and you know three weeks here a month there to exceed two weeks there just back and forth but lately I've landed on and my SIM card is in right now the one plus six at least for right now I mean it's not really like one of these phones is drastically better than the other one plus six is obviously a bit newer so it's got new respects snapdragon 845 versus 835 it has eight gigs of ram versus four gigs and if I'm nitpicking I think the overall build quality is better it has a headphone jack it has better clicky ER buttons it has the alert slider all the stuff I talked about in the full review is still true but the pixel on the other hand on top of that great camera it has that colored power button it has a fingerprint reader that I think is a little bit better it has the squeeze for the assistant

It has day one software updates and peer stock Android and of course the front-facing speakers all this stuff I said in that review is also still true but the tilt that keeps sending me over from pixel back to one plus six is performance that's been the difference the other day one of my friends artem from Android Police tweeted something that actually run home with me a lot he said his pixel two is devastatingly and embarrassingly laggy both on Oreo and Android P it's been like that for months and he hates using it and the only reason he's sticking to it is the camera and his one plus six is roughly 700 times snappier but the camera isn't as good so he's basically forced to stick with the pixel that more or less has been this same experience I've had swapping back and forth between these phones using them over and over again I found the same thing my pixel two has felt like it's slowed down much more than other phones have in the same amount of time I've owned it I mean it's not mine's not devastatingly and embarrassingly laggy and sloped but it's noticeable for me I look at animations a lot a lot of transitions a lot of swiping a lot of movement and this is not holding animations at the 60fps anymore like I kind of assumed it could and would for a while and it's less than a year old so it's just weird actually thought it was because I was trying obviously you saw those videos the Android P Developer Preview on this phone and maybe that would be responsible for some slowdown so I actually got another phone specifically to never put a beta on this phone and just use it as a daily driver and now both of these phones are slow strange that it's not made a difference and all the while this is going on the 1 plus 6 which has been sitting as like my second favorite android phone has been just as smooth and fast as the day I got it snappy it's hard to appreciate in video form because the pixel 2 is basically almost every bit as fast as the 1 + 6 as far as like opening and closing apps and things like that but the 1 plus 6 is way snappier and quicker feeling because of the animations holding their frame rates the transitions and movements are all smoother and drop less frames like I can tell that for certain with my eye just looking at it and it's significant enough to the point where I notice it between the two and it does bother me the weird part is usually you would expect a phone with stock Android especially a pixel or a nexus or anything from this line to be a plus optimization because Google controls the experience from the top down hardware to the software so this should be the smoothest fastest Android phone right but it's not you can also see after multitasking for a while it starts to drop apps from memory faster and that makes a difference when you're using a phone all day if you have to keep reloading apps all the time and waiting an extra bit this is a real-world difference between actually four gigs of ram and 8 gigs of ram a couple years ago I would have said it doesn't really matter one plus you could safely say was putting extra RAM in phones just to impress people who look at the spec sheet but now I'm actually observing it make a real-world difference basically this whole experience highlights the always tough part about reviewing electronics specifically a smart phone because you don't really fully know how it's going to bear out durability wise in the future you're guessing I mean you can tell when something feels high-quality and you know when build quality and materials are good that it'll physically hold up but you never really know down the line of things like the flash storage or the RAM are going to degrade faster than usual or slow down things like that you just kind of find out when they happen like a lot of times it's easy to preach like oh you'll never know the difference between a Snapdragon 835 and 845 or between 6 gigs and 8 gigs of ram and that sometimes is true when you first get the phone but later down the road sometimes you do see those differences play out like

I'd be curious if there's other if you're a fear pixel 2 or pixels 2 XL own or out there if you've had performance drops or what your experience is because again this is still definitely by far the best camera in any smartphone and that's what makes it such an appeal besides all the other things about stock Android and what it does well but the performance so it's the speed of the one plus six plus a couple other smaller preferential things it's it's mostly preference but I do like to build quality better I do like the screen better the buttons are better but it's what's turned me over to using this phone full-time and enjoying that experience but I miss this camera so much but then also I know we're all very excited to see what's gonna happen with the next pixel the pixel three I think just the mere possibility of a smartphone camera being better than what we already have in the pixel 2 is nuts plus a display can't possibly have the same issues as this one so it'll be better it'll probably have front-facing speakers it'll be first in line for software updates will complete the whole integration of HTC and Google controlling the whole experience it should be awesome I'm looking forward to that phone but then also as far as we know just because of the way Google operates this phone will probably also have four gigs of RAM and not six or eight and we also of course got those leaks of the gigantic like really big not bigger than we expected I don't know I guess the moral of the story is one it's hard to know how electronics especially smart phones are gonna break down internally in the future I mean we can all kind of tell just based on build quality and construction and how they're made if they'll hold up physically but internally you know when things start to slow down or they break down before they're supposed to really that's always a weird thing even if it's an isolated incident I've had two different pixel two excels slowdown the same way that's why I'm curious what your experience has been with yours but also to it also says something good about the state of smartphones when I actively choose and use every day a 500 something dollar phone in a world where I'm surrounded especially even in this studio by 900 to 1100 dollar phones that you could also use so that's a good sign but basically preference is everything and priority your own priority is everything when it comes to picking something as personal as the smartphone you're gonna use every single day but that's why I've landed on one +64 right now you might not have known that now you do I got my eye on that next pixel I got my eye on the next galaxy note that's about to come out I got my eye on the next iPhone that's about to come out there's a whole bunch of stuff it's kind of like that pre holiday season electronics dump that we're about to see I'm excited for it but until then now you know thanks for watching tots you guys in the next one peace

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